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St Paul's School
for Girls

Year 9 Curriculum - English

All students work on pre-GCSE topics, mirroring the structure and assessment of GCSE. This includes study, the study of poetry, work on literature including pre-twentieth century works and the social, cultural and historical contexts, a range of non-fiction including print media and journalism, writing skills, readings skills, grammar and spelling and vocabulary extension.

In the first term students will explore the skills needed for paper 1 and 2 through extracts from the novel Lord of the Flies.

In this term you will study Charles Dickens' novel A Christmas Carol. This will be one of your GCSE texts and you need to ensure you have your own copy of the text.

In this unit you will study a variety of poetry linking to family and relationships. You will practise the skills needed for GCSE English literature and will study some of the poems needed for year 11.

In this term you will prepare for your GCSE English Language spoken language assessment. You will prepare a talk about a topic of your choice for example: social media is dangerous to young people.