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Please use the links below to access information issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) about external exams. 

Examination Appeals Procedure

In accordance with the JCQ Code of Practice for the conduct of external qualifications produced by the QCA, St Paul’s School for Girls is committed to ensuring that:

  • internal assessments are conducted by staff who have the appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills;
  • assessment evidence provided by candidates is produced and authenticated according to the requirements of the relevant specification;
  • the consistency of internal assessment is secured through internal standardisation as set out by the Awarding Bodies;
  • staff responsible for internal standardisation attend any compulsory training sessions.

NB Each Awarding Body(AB) specifies detailed criteria for the internal assessment of work.  In addition, the Awarding Body must moderate the assessment and the final judgement on marks awarded is that of the Awarding Body.  Appeals against matters outside the school’s control will not be considered in the school’s Appeals Procedure.

Each Awarding Body publishes procedures for appeals against its decisions, details of which are available on their websites (under Post Results Services) or from St Paul’s School for Girls Examinations Officer on request.  A copy of the OFQAL flow chart giving guidance about appeals is also available on the school website.

  • In cases of Enquiries About Results, where St Paul’s School for Girls does not uphold a request for such an enquiry, the parent/carer may normally pay to have an enquiry carried out.
  • Where the parent/carer wishes to challenge the decision not to hold an enquiry or subsequent appeal, a similar procedure to that mentioned below will be carried out.

Appeals may also be made to St Paul’s School for Girls regarding the procedures used in internal assessment, such as coursework and controlled assessments.  NB the appeal applies only to the procedures used in arriving at internal assessment decisions and does not apply to the judgement itself ie not the mark or grade.  If the disagreement cannot be resolved by discussion between the teacher and candidate concerned then the parent/carer may appeal to the Headteacher, who will put into action the agreed appeals process set out below. It is expected that it will be used only in exceptional circumstances.

The Headteacher is in overall charge of managing appeals relating to internal assessments.

If a candidate (via their parent/carer) wishes to appeal about his/her internal assessment marks then the following procedures should be followed:

  • The appeal should be made in writing to the Headteacher stating the details of the complaint and the reasons for the appeal
  • The appeal should normally be submitted by 30th April for examinations in the summer series.  [This deadline may be extended in exceptional circumstances where the coursework and controlled assessment marking and moderation schedule extends beyond this time].

The teacher(s) concerned in marking the assessment which is the subject of the appeal will respond to the appeal in writing and a copy will be sent to the parent/carer.

If the parent/carer is not satisfied with the written response they have received then they can request a personal hearing before an appeals panel:

  • The appeals panel will consist of the Headteacher and two of the following – the Curriculum Assistant Headteacher – the Exams Assistant Headteacher - the Head of Department – the Examinations Officer
  • The request for a personal hearing must be made within two days of receipt of the written reply to the initial appeal
  • The parent/carer will be given at least two days notice of the hearing date
  • A breakdown of the marks awarded will be provided in advance of the appeal
  • The teacher(s) involved will be present at the hearing
  • The Headteacher will convey the outcome of an appeal and the reasons for that outcome in writing to the parent/carer
  • St Paul’s School for Girls will maintain a written record of all appeals
  • St Paul’s School for Girls will inform the Awarding Body (exam board) of any change to an internally assessed mark as a result of an appeal.

If the parent/carer remains unsatisfied, the case can be referred to the Examinations Appeals Board (EAB).  NB This service applies where awarding bodies’ normal enquiries and appeals procedures have been exhausted.

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