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Year 9 Curriculum - Science

In Year 9 you will all study the same course and during the year you will study the following topics:-


  • Why do we depend on plants? Includes the study of photosynthesis and respiration
  • What do the systems in my body do? Includes studies of the muscular and skeletal systems and the respiratory system as well as the effect of drugs on these systems.


  • Are there patterns when metals react? Includes the study of different reactions of metals and their products with a focus on the reactivity series
  • What is our atmosphere and earth made of? A study of the Earth’s atmosphere and the effects of pollutions.


  • How can I take advantage of forces? Application of knowledge of forces from yr8, including a study of speed and pressure.
  • How can I control the current? Includes electrical circuits, electromagnetism and electrostatics.
  • What never disappears but likes to escape? Includes energy changes, ways of transferring heat energy , energy resources for transport and generating electricity.

You will experience engaging and interactive lessons where you will be challenged to be curious. You will be given opportunities to investigate scientific concepts and relate your learning to the world around you, including future careers. Formative assessment will occur throughout the topics with termly summative assessments using GCSE questions.

You can prepare for these assessments using your exercise book, revision guides (that can be purchased from the school), 'Review key ideas' sections on Firefly and internet sites such as BBC Bitesize. Please remember to engage in active revision e.g. creating mind maps, question loops, card sorts.

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