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St Paul's School
for Girls

Year 9 Curriculum - Geography


  • What shapes the coast?
  • Erosion features
  • Depositional features
  • Living on the coast
  • Coastal management
  • Hard and soft engineering
  • Coral reefs
  • Sea levels rising


  • Girls will be learning about the physical features in Africa
  • Mapping skills the countries in Africa
  • Comparing cities within countries
  • Looking at the Sahel desert region
  • Population and focus on Nigeria


  • What is development?
  • What are development indicators?
  • How is the World divided?
  • Employment around the world
  • Challenging perceptions
  • Rich and poor
  • How can we improve quality of life?


  • Where are the hazards of the world?
  • What are the characteristics of plate boundaries?
  • How do plates move?
  • What are the processes that cause earthquakes and volcanoes?
  • Can we ever prepare for natural hazard?
  • Why do people live in the danger zone?
  • Are hazards getting worse? Can we increase the risk or frequency?

Global Cities

  • What causes people to move to urban areas?
  • How do the opportunities and challenges in urban areas vary around the World?
  • How can cities be more sustainable?
  • What changes have taken place where people live over time?
  • Are the urban models appropriate today?
  • How are population structures changing today?
  • Can we manage and control a population?

Geographical skills

  • Where in the World are we?
  • Longitude and latitude?
  • Grid references and map skills.
  • Understanding maps
  • How to draw graphs
  • How to understand graphs
  • How to interpret maps
  • How to interpret images