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St Paul's School
for Girls

Year 9 Curriculum - Geography

  1. Coasts:

    • What shapes the coast?
    • Erosion features
    • Depositional features
    • Living on the coast
    • Coastal management
    • Hard and soft engineering
    • Coral reefs
    • Sea levels rising
  2. Tropical rainforests:

    • Where are tropical rainforest around the World?
    • Why are they found there?
    • What is their climate like?
    • What is the structure of the forest like?
    • How do plants and animals adapt?
    • How do people live in the forest?
    • What problems do the forests face?
    • What can be done about it?



  1. Development:

    • What is development?
    • What are development indicators?
    • How is the World divided?
    • Employment around the world
    • Challenging perceptions
    • Rich and poor
    • How can we improve quality of life?


  2. Hazards:

    • Where are the hazards of the world?
    • What are the characteristics of plate boundaries?
    • How do plates move?
    • What are the processes that cause earthquakes and volcanoes?
    • Can we ever prepare for natural hazard?
    • Why do people live in the danger zone?
    • Are hazards getting worse? Can we increase the risk or frequency?
  1. Population:

    • What causes people to move to urban areas?
    • How do the opportunities and challenges in urban areas vary around the World?
    • How can cities be more sustainable?
    • What changes have taken place where people live over time?
    • Are the urban models appropriate today?
    • How are population structures changing today?
    • Can we manage and control a population?
  2. Geographical skills:

    • Where in the World are we?
    • Longitude and latitude?
    • Grid references and map skills.
    • Understanding maps
    • How to draw graphs
    • How to understand graphs
    • How to interpret maps
    • How to interpret images


  Half term 1 Half term 2 Half term 3 Half term 4 Half term 5 Half term 6
  Topic: Coasts Topic: Population Topic: Ecosystems Topic: Development Topic: Skills unit Topic: Hazards   
1 What is a multi use coast? Review test Introduction about rainforests where are rainforests located around the world. What is development? Review on 4 and 6 figure grid references. Introduction to hazards, what is a hazard?
2 How do waves form and shape the coast?

Where do we live on a global scale?

What is the climate of the rainforest like and why? How can we measure it?Development indicators How can we understand height on an os map? Structure of the earth
3 What different factors affect the shape of the coast? Introduction to hazards, what is a hazard? What is an eco system? Look at different systems What is the HDI and what does it tell us? How can we measure scale on an os map? To understand how and why plates move
4 What are the different erosion types? Population density Look at how changes can impact on the food chains Is the North south divide or GDP a better measurement? How to interpret resources?

Mapping hazards, looking at patterns

5 How does erosion change a headland over time? What affects birth rate and death rate? PPE Comparing quality of life PPE 3 on development What are the three different plate boundaries
6 What is longshore drift? What is the DTM and what does it show? Review lesson PLC Blood diamond Review and PLC Understanding what happens at each, mapping examples
7 Evaluating the type and effectiveness of sea defences. Construction of population pyramids and understanding what they show What is the structure of the rainforest like? Development and employement How to construct and interpret pie charts Nepal LIC case study effects of an earthquake
8 Reviewing sea defences Over population in China. How do different species adapt to surroundings? Is aid good? How to construct and interpret choropleth maps Japan HIC case study effects of an earthquake
9 Place case study erosion at Holderness. How to manage overpopulation (one child policy) How do tribes adapt to their environment? The trade game How to use and understand proportional sysmbols How can we manage earthquakes, the 3 p's?
10 What is the impact of sea levels rising in the UK? Patterns of urbanisation What conflicts have an impact on tribal life? Review the game, how can we be fair when it comes to trade? How to use and understand flow lines Comparing earthquakes in HIC and LICs
11 What impact are humans having to our ecosystems? Who are the mega cities, patterns and characteristics Deforestation and the implications on people and the environment   How to construct and understand scatter graphs Understanding why people live in the danger zone.
12 Class based or hall ppe What challenges do slum areas in India face? Sustainable development in rainforests   How can we interpolate and extrapolate data What is the structure of a volcano and review the causes of an eruption
13   What opportunities are available in the slums Dharavi       Effects of an eruption, Mount st Helens
14           How can we manage an eruption?