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Year 7 Curriculum - Science

In Year 7 you will all study the same course and during the year you will study the following topics:-


  • What makes me the way I am? Includes the study of reproduction and inheritance.
  • What are we made of? Focusses on cells as the building block of living organisms.


  • What is everything made of? Includes the study of solids, liquids, gases and solutions.
  • How can I separate different materials? What are chemical reactions? Includes the study of atoms, elements, compounds and mixtures, separating techniques and writing equations.


  • Is it all an illusion? Includes the study of light and sound.
  • What’s out there? Includes the study of the solar system

You will experience engaging and interactive lessons where you will be challenged to be curious. You will be given opportunities to investigate scientific concepts and relate your learning to the world around you, including future careers. Formative assessment will occur throughout the topics with termly summative assessments using GCSE questions.

You can prepare for these assessments using your exercise book, revision guides (that can be purchased from the school), 'Review key ideas' sections on Firefly and internet sites such as BBC Bitesize. Please remember to engage in active revision e.g. creating mind maps, question loops, card sorts.

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