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St Paul's School
for Girls

Year 7 Curriculum - Geography

Map skills:

Students will review and revisit their Geography skills from Key Stage 2 and develop the skills needed to meet the needs of key stage three. These include;

  • Their place in the World, Europe and the UK.
  • 4 and 6 figure grid references
  • Physical features
  • Direction, distance and scale
  • Map symbols
  • Settlement


Students will look at the Earth's population on a global, national and local scale.

  • Where do people live in the World?
  • Why do people move?
  • How does the population change over time?
  • How can we manage the population of countries?
  • China
  • What is life like in urban areas?
  • Rural to urban migration
  • Problems with urbanisation
  • Comparing Urban areas
  • India

Weather and Climate/Wild weather:

Students will review prior learning at key stage three and build on their knowledge looking at;

  • The difference between weather and climate
  • Global climate zones
  • Britain's climate
  • Water cycle and rainfall
  • Hurricanes
  • Hurricane Katrina/Bertha
  • Tornadoes Birmingham
  • Snow storms
  • Flooding
  • Droughts


Students will look at the urban models. Understanding where people live and why.

  • Where do people settle?
  • What do we find in our local area?
  • How do cities change over time?
  • How can we manage overcrowding in cities?
  • How can we make cities sustainable?


Students will learn about the different ecosystems around the World. With a focus on rainforests.

  • What are the characteristics of an ecosystem?
  • Where are rainforests found?
  • What is the climate of the rainforest like?
  • What species are found in the rainforest?
  • How do plants and animals adapt to their ecosystem?
  • What is life like for tribes?
  • How can we use the rainforest without abusing it?

Fantastic places:

Students will learn about some of the most incredible places from around the world. They will explore the environments and what makes them so spectacular.

  • Svalbard
  • Stonehenge
  • Antarctica


  Half term 1 Half term 2 half term 3 half term 4 Half term 5 Half term 6
  Topic: Map skills Topic Population/urbanisation Topic: Weather and climate Topic: Settlement Topic: Eco systems Topic: Fantastic places
1 Introduction to 'What is Geography?' Introduction to population What is the difference between weather and climate? Introduction lesson into what a settlement is and the different types of settlement What are the different ecosystems? Which do we live in? Introduction: What are the wonders of the world? Mapping lesson.
2 Baseline test understanding population density Understanding the different climate zones What makes different sites appealing? What can impact on the food chain? What is Svalbard like? What makes it a wonder?
3 Locating places, World Population patterns in the UK How does the rainfall? How is our land being used in the local area ladywood? Map work. Where are the rainforests of the world found? The Northern lights
4 Locating places, UK Population patterns global/ ( define overpopulation) What is a micro climate? How is our land being used in the local area Bournville? Map work. What is the climate like in the rainforest? How does it compare to ours? How are glaciers formed why are they important?
5 Understanding directions Population changes in China over time. Complete the micro climate investigation data collection Land use models burgess PPE 3 settlement Stone henge research
6 Grid refs 4 How can countries manage overpopulation? Data presentation and analysis Land use models Hoyt and LIC Review PPE PLC Stone henge Presntations
7 Grid refs 6 What is the Demographic Transition model and what does it show? PPE 2 Population What are green and brownfield sites? Research What is the structure of the rainforest like? Easter island
8 Height on maps contours Population structures, what do they show? Review PPE PLC Debate and descision How do plants and animals adapt? coral reefs
9 Revision skills lesson What factors can affect the BR and DR? Where does Britain get its weather from? Air masses Sustainable cities and BEDZED How do Tribes make use of the rainforest? Totem Pole
10 Exam in class on Skills Amrita's story UK extreme weather events Flooding Sustainable cities what makes them sustainable? What do we get from the rainforest resources? Niagra falls
11 Review the exam PLC What is migration? Example 2 Snowstorm   Who is reponsible for deforestation? Big fat quiz of the Year
12 map skills master class How has Sam Edwards been affected by migration? Examples 3 heatwave   Can we manage it sustainably?  
13   What is urbanisation?        
14   understanding why cities grow        
15   What is life in a Bustee like?        
16   What can be done to improve bustees?