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Year 7

In Year 7, we introduce the girls to the prayer life of the school where they visit Selly Park for a retreat and to learn about the Sisters and how the school was founded. The girls have weekly assemblies and the opportunity to attend Mass. Each girl is encouraged to lead her form in prayer and to present a Sacred Space.  We hope to resume our annual Year 7 Pilgrimage to Lourdes. 

PSHRE focuses on the transition from primary to secondary school. This encompasses a number of key areas. By the end of the year, we hope that the girls will have adapted well to the routines and demands of life at St Paul’s. We work with the girls so that they are able to deal with pressures of learning, assessments and examinations and are able to recognise, assess and further their own progress. We visit a local university and spend time looking at careers influences and introduce the girls to Unifrog so that they can research different careers and the required qualifications throughout their time at St Paul’s. We look at friendship and how to be a good friend in order to help them establish positive relationships with their peers, including appropriate use of social media. We embrace emotional well-being as well as physical health and promote the need for self-care. We look beyond our school community to our local, national and international family through fundraising and service. In essence, the aim of our PSHRE curriculum is to support the girls in becoming good, happy, confident and well-rounded students.

St Paul's School for Girls