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Meet Caritas Christi Trainees

Kirsty Edwards

I opted for the School Centred training so that I could gain valuable insights into daily school life, to enhance my overall teacher skills and to maximise my learning experience. It was an extraordinarily challenging year due to COVID-19 which meant that I had to adapt the way I thought I would be teaching. I  worked closely with the P.E. team to create innovative ways of ensuring the students were active and enjoying sport, physical activity and dance. 

From September, I worked directly with the students and gained confidence every day with the support of my knowledgeable mentor. I was able to plan effective dance and P.E. lessons from the start and throughout the year, my mentor and I met to discuss and reflect key developmental points which was vital in enabling me to understand personal progression throughout the entirety of the course.

I was nervous about writing my first academic assignment as I had not studied at University for nine years however the support I received from my academic tutor was fantastic!

During my training, I have had the opportunity to observe outstanding practice from colleagues in other subject areas. This enhanced my ability to understand and manage pupils in the classroom using school specific behavioural policies. Being assigned to a tutor group has given me invaluable knowledge and understanding of the importance of the  pastoral role in teaching and I have built positive relationships with every child.

Since my first day at St Paul’s School for Girls, it has felt like a second home. The sense of support and community from each and every staff member has been overwhelming. I have been delighted to start my career here and continue to grow as a professional each day.

Chloe Nelson - English School Direct

When applying to do my School Direct teacher training, St Paul’s School for Girls was my first choice. With an Outstanding Ofsted report, St Paul’s stood out to me as the ideal place to learn the craft of teaching. Following my interview, I knew that the school was the right place for me, as the warm and welcoming atmosphere made me feel right at home. Mrs Atterbury, who co-ordinates teacher training at the school, helped me to feel calm and confident prior to my interview, and has since been an excellent source of support and advice throughout my training year.

As a trainee in the English department, I have benefitted from the wisdom of staff who are experienced, passionate, and committed. My subject knowledge has been developed and nurtured; I have observed outstanding teaching; and I have learned, with support and guidance, how to teach in a way that enthuses both me and my pupils.

The pupils at St Paul’s are wonderful: they are willing to try new things; dedicated to their learning; and respectful and polite. As a trainee, this has allowed me to try new teaching techniques with success and to learn positive behaviour management with pupils who are eager to succeed. The academic side of the course, has allowed me to explore the theory behind my teaching practice, as well as delving into the long history of the teaching profession. I would unreservedly recommend pursuing teacher training with St Paul’s School for Girls: the warm atmosphere, dedicated staff, and enthusiastic pupils make it the ideal environment for trainee teachers to learn how to become the best teacher they can be.

Lydia Campbell

St Paul's School for Girls