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Year 10

Year 10 have spiritual input through daily prayers, weekly assemblies and student led Sacred Spaces. We also have a retreat day and the chance for Confession and Mass throughout the year. 

PSHRE starts off the year by focusing the girls on their hopes and dreams, specifically looking at the grades they wish to achieve at the end of Year 11. The students are guided through a reflection task to consider how far they have come since Year 7 and what they need to do to get to where they want to be at the end of Year 11. We then further this focus throughout the year by looking at future career paths. The students are supported in drafting and finalising their CVs, helping them to think about what skills and qualities they had already developed through past activities and how this would support their future career choice. This naturally highlights areas they may wish to develop and advise and support on how to do so is given by the tutors. Careers is a recurring theme in the PSHRE curriculum. 

There are many opportunities presented to Year 10 at different times during PSHRE and assemblies. These include becoming Guardian Angels for Year 7 and 8 forms, taking on a role as Language Leaders for younger students and taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award.  

As Year 10 sit their English Language paper in May/June, the girls spend a number of PSHRE sessions throughout each of the terms focusing on independent learning techniques and reviewing and developing skills needed specifically for English and other subjects.  

We feel it is crucial that the students are given opportunities within PSHRE to support their mental health and wellbeing. These sessions are conducted in a variety of different ways (such as meditation and yoga) and are implemented at least once a half term. 

At St Paul’s our mission statement is in line with the Catholic teaching of Stewardship, looking after the environment and people around us. Therefore, the girls spend form time researching charities and causes close to their hearts and applying for the school charity nomination. Subsequently, the year group then take part in the Sponsored walk for the nominated charity. Their charitable work and actions continue throughout the year by fundraising for the school charity, writing letters of hope and prayers to others in needs and supporting younger students with learning and emotional wellbeing.

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