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Here at St Paul’s we are passionate about delivering a high quality science education for our girls, and encouraging them to be ambitious. 

The science journey at school all with instilling confidence in students, and we pride ourselves on a supporting and caring environment, which in turn drives attainment and leading to the girls to flourish at GCSE and beyond to key stage 5.  

We have designed our own schemes of work, that prepare the girls for success as they move on to GCSEs and Level Three qualifications. 

At the heart of this is how we incorporate practical science from the start and throughout, so that it’s intertwined with scientific theory - so the girls not only learn, but know how to be a scientist - seeing it in action and being taught key practical skills.  

In Year 10, the girls will study combined science or separate science, depending on their chosen pathway that they select in Year 9. We also offer an Animal Care qualification pathway, alongside combined science. 

Progressing to Sixth Form, we offer the three core subjects, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, alongside a vocational Applied Science qualification. 

We know not everyone will go on to pursue a STEM-based career, but we ensure all our girls leave with a strong understanding of the world around them, and how science plays an essential role within it.

St Paul's School for Girls