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Religious Education


At Saint Paul’s Christ is at the centre of our learning and Religious Education is a core subject. The Religious Education department are passionate about inspiring our students to deepen their personal relationship with God and to become theologians. Students in KS3 and 4 study Religious Education for ten percent of their timetable. Students are encouraged to study Religious Education in light of our school mission statement, that we are made in the image and likeness of God. Lessons always include the opportunity for prayer and time to relate learning to their own lives. The curriculum enables students to reflect on their own beliefs and to respectfully consider the reasons for other points of view. Religious Education lessons equip students to be knowledgeable about religion, to analyse sources of wisdom and to evaluate contrasting beliefs.    

Students in KS5 follow a ‘Pragmatics’ course which is five percent of their timetable. This course includes the study of religion and the opportunity to put their ‘faith into action’ through voluntary service. It is assessed through a viva at the end of the course.


All KS4 students study the Eduqas GCSE course leading to three external examinations. This course includes the study of beliefs, teachings and practices. Students will follow a course based on Roman Catholic Christianity (75%) and Judaism (25%). The study of two religions at GCSE is now a compulsory requirement, for Catholic schools the second religion is Judaism, as directed by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales. The Catholic element of the course also includes the study of forms of expression in religion which includes art, sculpture, architecture and music.

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