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Key Stage 4


The OCR Cambridge National Level 2 Technical Award in Health and Social Care encourages our pupils to:

• understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of the rights of individuals, person-centred values, effective communication and how to protect individuals in health and social care settings

• develop learning and practical skills that can be applied to real-life contexts and work situations

• develop team-working skills, resilience when faced with challenges, and reflectiveness to always strive to be the best and be empathetic in their approach

• think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically

• develop independence and confidence in using skills that would be relevant to the health and social care sector and more widely

Ultimately, it provides the foundations for future study and careers as a key worker, whose contributions to the care of the nation during the recent Covid-19 pandemic led to them being labelled as heroes.

At St Paul’s your daughter will study the Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2 in Health and Social Care.

Vocational courses are not an inferior option–they are a viable alternative; as hard, but in a different way. They link to a personal passion/ calling and personal skills and attributes.

This is a highly valued qualification, equivalent to 1 GCSE which will lead to employment, apprenticeships or study at university on excellent courses.

You will be assessed over the 2 years as follows through 2 mandatory units and 1 optional unit chosen by the course teachers to meet the needs of the students. You will be assessed through a 40% EXAM and 60% COURSEWORK.

Year 10:                                                                       What the Grades Mean


Alpha Equivalent

Numerical Equivalent









7 (high M)

6 (low M)




MANDATORY unit R033:

(COURSEWORK 30%)     

OPTIONAL unit R035 (started):

Year 11:

OPTIONAL unit R035 (completed):

(COURSEWORK 30%)     

MANDATORY unit R032:

(EXAM 40%)     

MANDATORY UNIT R033: Supporting individuals through life events


In this unit you will learn about life stages and the factors that affect them. You will understand expected and unexpected life events and the impact they will have on physical, social/emotional and socio-economic aspects in an individual’s life. You will research the service providers and practitioners that can support individuals, recommend support and justify how this will meet the needs of a specific individual.

OPTIONAL UNIT: R035:  Health promotion campaigns


In this unit you will have the opportunity to explore the various public health challenges the country faces, the approaches used to encourage health and wellbeing and the importance of this to society. You will understand the factors affecting a healthy lifestyle so that campaigns can be designed to target different groups of people. You will also learn how to plan and deliver your own small-scale health promotion campaign and how to evaluate your planning and delivery.

MANDATORY UNIT R032: Unit R032: Principles of care in health and social care settings

(1¼ HOUR EXAM 40%)

In this unit you will learn about the importance of the rights of service users, person-centred values and how to apply them. You will also learn about the importance of effective communication skills when providing care and support for service users in health and social care settings and the procedures and measures used to protect individuals such as safeguarding, hygiene and security.

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