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Computer Science

Why study Computer Science?

The new Computer Science GCSE (9-1) is a qualification that prepares you for the future. It develops your ability to think and problem solve; helps you understand how networks and computer systems work; and how to use and protect information stored. -  Computer Science is Changing Everything. 

Is studying Computer Science for me?

Studying this subject will give you a real advantage in today’s technology driven world. You will make the leap from using other people’s software to being able to design and create your own. Maybe you could invent the next Facebook or Snap Chat? Perhaps you’re more interested in the networking side and have a view to become an Ethical Hacker. GCSE Computer Science will give you the skills to become a Technology Entrepreneur or work in Cyber Security or Artificial Intelligence…but even more than this, it will give you the skills you need for any career because Computer Science teaches you how to think.

Why choose Computer Science?

Computers are changing every part of our lives at an ever increasing rate – why not drive the future?

In this GCSE:

  • Experience programming and making new software
  • Discover how computers work
  • Solve logical problems


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