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Combined Science

This is a new GCSE. You have chosen to follow a 2 GCSE course studying Combined Science, which will cover all three Sciences but not in as much depth as taking the Separate Science option. You are going to need to be conscientious, well-motivated, ask for help when you don’t understand and act on feedback given. You will become increasingly aware of the importance of Science in your everyday life. Combined Science places emphasis on the skills, knowledge and understanding of how science works. The content is organised in a co-ordinated, modular way allowing teaching of topics by subject specialist and work is differentiated at two levels Foundation and Higher.

Course Description

Assessment Procedures

All papers are offered at Foundation and Higher Tiers. The student’s tier of entry will depend on their performance in regular tests throughout the year of study.


All assessment at the end of Year 11. 6 papers for the two GCSEs. Each paper out of 60 marks and worth 16.7%. Each paper divided into Section A which is multiple choice and worth 10 marks plus Section B which is structured questions including extended response and worth 50 marks. Each paper lasts 1 hour, 10 minutes.


 How can you help yourself?

  • Ensure all your homework is completed on time.
  • Carry out regular revision of content in preparation for all your assessments.
  • Ask for help when required and make use of the intervention offered.

You can access the specification at

St Paul's School for Girls