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St Paul's School
for Girls

A2 Year 13

 A2 Units

A2 Unit F919: Care practice and provision (Coursework 33.3%)

  • Information about how two demographic characteristics influence the provision of services in the local area;
  • How, from two different services, practitioners work in partnership to identify and meet the needs of oneperson who uses services;
  • Research and analysis of quality assurance methods used by the two services for the person who uses services;
  • An evaluation of the effects of one national policy or one piece of legislation on care practice and provision and how this has affected the person who uses services.

A2 Unit F923: Mental-health issues (Coursework 33.3%)

  • Understanding of the concepts/definitions, three types and possible causes of mental-health illnesses and associated mental-health needs;
  • An explanation of three effects of the mental-health illness on a person who uses services, including day-to-day life;
  • Research on preventative and coping strategies and two services that could provide support for a person who uses services, including research on one piece of appropriate current relevant legislation;
  • An evaluation of the concepts and definitions of mental health, including the images and perceptions in the media (using two examples) of people with mental-health needs and one possible negative effect and onepossible positive effect of such portrayal.

A2 Unit F921: Anatomy and Physiology in practice (Exam 33.3%)

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the gross structure, basic micro-anatomy and functions of the main human body systems.
  • The functions of these systems will be used to explain some of the symptoms of a range of common human diseases and dysfunctions, together with causes, appropriate diagnostic tests, care and treatment.
  • The following systems will be studied:


Respiratory system

Cardio-vascular system

Digestive system

Reproductive system

Renal system

Musculo-skeletal system.