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Firefly - St Paul's Virtual Learning Environment 


Dear Parents,

At St Paul’s we use a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) called Firefly.The feedback from the girls and parents has been very positive and the majority of parents and all of the girls are active users of Firefly. This letter includes information on how to access the resource and some top tips for problem solving.

Logging in for the First Time

Because Firefly integrates with our school information system it already knows the email address for all parents recorded on our system with legal responsibility for one of our girls. This means that you do not need any special login details or passwords from school. You must, however have provided school with an email address. If you change your email address please do remember to notify school of the change so that you can continue to access Firefly.

To login for the first time navigate to

 Please click the green box to start the activation process. When prompted to enter your email address this must be the email of the legal guardian of the pupil and match the information provided by you to school.

Once you have entered your email Firefly will send you an activation link. Please be aware that this sometimes goes to your junk or clutter folder. The link will allow you to set up your own password and view the site.

What can you do on Firefly?

The Parent Portal dashboard will allow you to see details of your daughter’s timetable, attendance, positive and negative logs, and any home learning tasks that have been set using Firefly. Teachers have also made the same resources available to the girls visible for you so that you can see details of the topics and learning materials that your daughter is studying in each of her subjects.

You can check the contact details that school holds for you and if any changes are needed there is a link to communicate the changes to our admin team.

Also on the site you can see details of many of the extra-curricular activities running in school and materials to challenge and support learning across the curriculum. Dr Casserly’s newsletter and Year Group news also feature.

You will have already noticed that you will often receive messages and school news via Firefly as well as by email.

Tips for Problem Solving

  • Firefly has a dedicated help site with areas for parents and pupils as well as school staff. This can be accessed via the ? icon on each page or the web address is
  • Where girls have found problems logging in from outside of school this has often been because they have forgotten that they need to type in their full school email address rather than the abbreviated version that they use on the school site.
  • There are two different access routes open to the girls. They can either login to RM Unify and click on the Firefly link or navigate to 
  • If you are or child forgets your password there is a “Forgotten your password” link at the bottom of the Firefly login page.
  • Uploading files – Firefly will integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and with Google Apps. Documents created using Apple IOS software must be saved into an Office compatible format for successful upload.
  • A reminder that all of our girls are able to use our Microsoft Office 365 licence and details of how to access this can be found in the News and Events section of Firefly.

Firefly tasks allow students to send questions about their homework to teachers and submit multiple files of many different types. Any resources that teachers share as part of a task can be also be made available to parents should the teacher choose. As well as the summary comments and marks, you will also be able to see the teacher’s feedback on the work itself in the case where the teacher has annotated the work using Firefly.

Every interaction between the teacher and student is recorded in the task history, allowing you to get a clear picture of your child's progress.

We hope that you are finding Firefly useful.  If you have any queries regarding Firefly please do not hesitate to email me [email protected] or ask your daughter to speak to her Form Tutor.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Mason

St Paul's School for Girls