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Languages Spelling Bees

Language Club

Congratulations to the Year 7 students for winning the form Spelling Bee competition and to the fantastic Year 10 language leaders.

Alexis 7A, Limwelt 7A, Bea Legas 7A, Kuzivakwashe 7L, Sophia 7L, Celine 7S, Olivia 7S, Julia 7T, Julianne 7T, Julia 7P, Jao 7P, Isabelle 7U, Martha 7U.




Eleanor 10S, Courtney10S, Taya 10S,  Olivia 10T, Thaila 10T, Daniella 10U


Joie 10S, Reanna 10P, Alesha 10S, Pariiz 10U

Spelling Bee

Alisha 10S, Katy 10U, Daisy 10U, Milkah 10S, Molly-Jo 10S, Anna 10S

St Paul's School for Girls