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Smile for Joel Christmas Raffle

1st Prize L Paine, 2nd Prize M  Hussain-Lawrence 3rd Prize H Gould, 4th Prize S Fullen, 5th Prize R Weersinghe, 6th Prize G Toovy, 7th Prize E Coughlan, 8th Prize Miss Allan, 9th Prize Judy, 10th Prize N Myries, 11 Prize Miss Baines, 12 Prize M Nickless, 13th Prize K Noone, 14the Prize M Harmon, 15th Prize Miss Barbier, 16th Prize T Pham, 17th Prize M lockett and alstly B Lassow.

The girls that organised the raffle would like to say a great big thank you to everyone that supported the Smile for Joel fundraiser, we will let you know later how much we collected.

St Paul's School for Girls