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Speak Out Challenge

Our great orators!

On Monday 24 of our Year 10s took part in the ‘ Speak Out Challenge’ with  Speakers Trust in partnership with HSBC UK, this competition helps to foster the skills, confidence and desire to engage in public speaking through workshops and training. Congratulations to three girls who received a highly commended certificate for really giving it their all and stepping outside their comfort zone. Further congratulations goes to seven of the girls whose content, delivery and structure of their speech has made them assembly finalists. Out of the seven students one will be chosen to go through to the next round!

What was especially lovely was the feedback Claudette who ran the event from the Speakers Trust said about our girls “How can you remind yourself just how awesome Year 10 Students are?  I have the answer spend a day with 24 students from St Paul's Girls School, that's how.   I have had the most amazing day with a group of inspiring, mature, and authentic students who joined me for the Speak Out Challenge day.

To say I have been left "speechless" (and trust me that does not happen very often) is an understatement.  From the moment the students entered the room I just knew I was in for a treat.  Little did I realise just how much of a treat I was in store for.  The students embraced the whole day, with some of them even doing preparation work beforehand.  They focused on the all the activities and tasks in hand and lived up to the 3 poems I read on the wall in the reception area.  If only I could go back in time and be 15 again.  I would want to be a St Paul's Girl too.


Thank you for sharing your passionate speeches with me.  I am honoured.   How can you remind yourself just how awesome Year 10 Students are?  Go to St Paul's and see”.


St Paul's School for Girls