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Patronal Feast Day Prayer Card

St. Paul Great Teacher

Well done to the two girls who helped to make our Patronal Feast Day Prayer Card this year, with a beautiful painting and prayer. These Prayer Cards were given to each of the girls after mass to celebrate and remember the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul.

The Prayer:

Precious Holy Spirit,

Thank you for St. Paul's School for Girls

And the great women it has given birth to.

We pray for every student of St. Paul's - past, present and future,

show each and every one of them the calling You have given in their lives,

And empower them with Your Divine Grace

to do all You have called them to be.

We pray for the strength to welcome You into all SPG hearts with love and joy.

May everyone connected with our school,

Experience the power of God in a remarkable way. 

such that our hearts yearn for the living out of God's Word and Ways.

We pray for the blessing of Divine health and prosperity to rest upon our homes

And that You will bring those who have died to a home in Heaven.

Thank you Lord for inspiring St. Paul's to do wonderful work, since 1908.

May the Holy Spirit inspire success in us, the current girls,

and in many old girls around the world.

Thank you Lord for the establishment of Your perfect will in our school.

May our school only get ever greater and stronger in Jesus' name.


Our talented composer
Our talented artist
St Paul's School for Girls