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Clare Short, MP for Ladywood from 1983 – 2010 and former St Paul’s Girl.

On Friday 4th May we were awarded the great privilege of a visit from Clare Short, MP for Ladywood from 1983 – 2010 and former St Paul’s Girl. Ms Short firstly met with our Head Girl Team who discussed their roles as leaders within our school community and were able to gather valuable information on ways to be advocates for those whom they are so lucky to serve and represent.  She then went on to meet with A Level History and Politics students for a question and answer session.  Our girls asked excellent and wide ranging questions; for example Marcia in Year 12 asked about the handling of the recent Oxfam scandal given Ms Short’s previous role as Secretary for International Development.  Bria, also in Year 12 commented on Ms Short’s campaign to ban page three and asked whether the feminist fight was still a fight?!  Delal, Year 12, asked whether the invasion of Iraq, leading to her resignation, was 'an honourable deception'?  The name of Ms Short's autobiography.  We were so proud of our students’ intelligent and mature approach to this session and we were all inspired by the frank answers given and the quality of discourse that followed between speaker and students.  Ms Short finally met with our School Council to answer their questions and support them in their role to develop a democratically accountable body who make a difference in our community.  A proud and memorable day for all concerned. 

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