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  • Outstanding Work of the Week

    Published 09/11/19

    Two very talented writers in Year 9

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  • Winner of Dr Casserly's Quiz!

    Published 08/11/19

    A very knowledgeable young lady! 

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  • Choc-tastic Entrepreneurs!

    Published 05/11/19

    Congratulations to 8A!

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  • Outstanding Work in Year 11

    Published 24/10/19

    Well done!

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  • Year 10 Careers Day

    Published 24/10/19

    Working 9 to 5!

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  • Outstanding Work this Week

    Published 24/10/19

    Already on a roll!

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  • Thank You!

    Published 24/10/19

    One of our youngest ever sacristans!

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  • Leading the Sponsored Walk

    Published 23/10/19

    Meet our fundraising activists

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  • Dr Casserly's Quiz Winner

    Published 22/10/19

    Some fantastic knowledge on the rosary here!

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  • Yr 7&8 Inter form Netball Tournament Champions

    Published 21/10/19

    Sporting prowess from our future netball players

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  • Restart A Heart Day!

    Published 16/10/19

    Medics in the making!

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  • The Imagineers Competition is open!

    Published 15/10/19

    Do you imagine new possibilities? 

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