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St Paul's School
for Girls

Year 8 Curriculum - English

All students study in detail twentieth century play , analyse a novel, write and study poetry, work on literature including pre-twentieth century works and the social, cultural and historical contexts, a range of non-fiction including print media and journalism, writing skills, readings skills, grammar and spelling and developing and extending personal reading habits.

Students study either Our Day Out or Blood Brothers by Willy Russell. They explore language, structure and historical context in preparation for both language and literature GCSEs.

They work on developing their creative writing skills, writing a variety of different pieces based on different stimuli.

Students study a variety of modern and pre-1900 poems all based on the theme of murder and madness. They explore the language, form and structure of the poems and compare different poems.

Students write and deliver a speech based on a topic given by their teacher.  They are expected to learn their speech and deliver it with enthusiasm.

Students read and study Of Mice and Men, looking at the text as a whole and will explore how John Steinbeck uses language and structure.