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Year 12 Curriculum - Art

Component 1

Personal Investigation (60%)

Component 2

Externally Set Assignment (40%)

Part 1: practical work (72 marks)

• From personal starting points. Students submit:

– supporting studies

– personal outcome(s)

Part 2: personal study (18 marks)

• Students submit a piece of continuous prose of a minimum of 1000 words

• Externally-set, broad-based theme

• Sustained focus period of 15 hours of controlled assessment in which students create final response(s) to the theme.

• Students submit:

– preparatory studies

– personal outcome(s)

• Component 1 incorporates two linked elements: Part 1: practical work and Part 2: personal study. The investigation and development for both the practical work and personal study will be show through supporting studies.

• Students will have opportunities to generate practical work, ideas and research from primary, secondary and contextual sources. They will experiment with media and processes, and develoand refine their ideas, presenting their outcomes.

• Component 2 represents the culmination of the A level course.

Students should independently develop ideas, intentions and response(s) to the theme.

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