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Year 10 Curriculum - History

The new History qualification won’t include controlled assessment; exams take place at the end of the course and will be graded using the 9-1 scale. The qualification now must include a long thematic study, a period covering at least 50 years, a British depth study and a non-British depth study ( from different eras ) in addition to a study of the Historic environment.

Course Description:

Paper 1: Thematic Study & Historic Environment

Medicine in Britain, c1250-present and the British sector of the Western Front 1914-1918: injuries, treatment and the trenches.

Paper 2: Period Study and British depth study

Superpower relations and the Cold War, 1941-91 AND Tudor depth options.

Paper 3: Modern depth study

Weimar & Nazi Germany 1918-1939

Assessment Procedures:

Paper 1: 1x1h15m exam worth 30%

Paper 2: 1x1h45m exam worth 40%

Paper 3: 1x1h20m exam worth 30%

Why Choose This Subject?

History teaches about the past while developing a range of skills which are essential in many careers and include evaluation, analysis, extrapolation, discussion and reaching balanced judgements.

Successful learners

Successful learners will have enquiring minds and be willing to apply themselves fully to the demands of the course.

How Can Parents Help

Parents can support their daughters through facts tests, ensuring regular access to current affairs and encouraging discussion and debate.


Remember: “Those who ignore the lessons of History are doomed to repeat them!”

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