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St Paul's School
for Girls


A Level Politics

Politics is everywhere and it is everything. It influences the public services we receive -education, health, welfare. It decides where we can park and the parks we can play in! It permeates discussions in the media but equally in our family and friendship groups.

Politics exists because we are inherently social animals who want to be part of a group. These groups need mechanisms to support their organisation, formal institutions that conduct the business of governing. Politics decides how decisions should be made and what decisions are made. It recognises the interplay between citizens’ rights (to vote for example) and their responsibilities (perhaps to pay tax). Politics gives figures authority to exercise legitimate power (making people do what they would otherwise not/may not do!). It is ever evolving with the scope of modern society, it is dynamic and exciting. It’s how we live.

We follow an AQA Specification. Girls will be assessed through three written examinations at the end of their second year of study. 


Specimen papers