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Year 7 Curriculum - Art

In year 7 students will be introduced to a range of new techniques, materials, artists and themes. These experiences will set the foundations for developing as an effective artist and creative thinker.

Students will learn to understand and use the formal elements of Art - Line, Tone, Texture, Colour and Form.

Students will engage in practical tasks, discussion, group work and homework projects. The learning is centred around developing a balance of practical skills, knowledge and understanding. Students may experiment with both 2D and 3D formats and explore techniques including painting, printing, collage and sculpture. Understanding Artists work is crucial and students will learn to record and present information using key art terminology.

Drawing is seen as a fundamental art skill, which is encouraged and developed across all year groups. In year 7 students begin to develop a more realistic style of drawing and are taught the importance of keen observation, accurate line and use of tone.

St Paul's School for Girls