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St Paul's School
for Girls

Financial Management​

At St Paul's School for Girls we are a Centre of Excellence in Financial Education, in fact, we are the only centre in Birmingham although there are 140 centre nationwide.  It is important that young people learn the value of money and know how to manage money well.  Most of our Sixth Form pupils will go to University and independent living requires a great deal of financial management so we begin the process in Year 7!  Throughout their time in school, pupils will participate in a variety of tasks which require them to think about the tremendous implications money has on our lives.


From Year 7 to 13 girls explore a number of money related topics in PSHE and other areas of the curriculum. These include:
Banking and bank accounts
Cost of living
Resolving money problems
Credit and debit cards
Forms of payment
Moral/ethical money dilemmas
Borrowing loans and credit
Consumer issues
Attitudes to money
Financial risk
The economy
Global issues
Benefits and allowances
Independent living
Student finance
Healthy eating
Fair-trade and ethical investing
Pocket Money
Credit reports and agencies
Government spending
Mobile phones
We are now in the process of sharing our know how with some local Primary and Secondary Schools and attach the link as you may find it useful.

Lifesavers is the National savings club programme which looks to support primary schools in delivering values based financial education and giving ideas on setting up and running a savings club for children.  Phase 3 of the programme is FREE training for up to 120 Schools across the UK to be enthused and supported to do this as a sustainable action within their school day.


If you are interested in this please sign up using the survey monkey link



You will then be contacted to confirm your needs and a consultant will be allocated to deliver your training and then it’s away you go! 

You will receive free resources and a fully funded 2 hour CPD/Consultancy session as part of the offer.



The group which introduced us to this work , YOUNG ENTERPRISE,  are currently recruiting secondary schools to take part in an exciting Maths in context project. This is a partnership between the Education Endowment Foundation and Money Advice Service, with an evaluation led by the University of Nottingham. The aim is to explore whether teaching young people maths in a ‘real world’ financial context can improve attainment at maths GCSE level, as well as students’ ability to manage money more effectively.


Up to 25% of a GCSE maths paper can contain questions with a financial theme, and prior research shows that students can struggle to access the maths on these questions as they can find the context a barrier. Our Maths in Context project aims to address this issue through fully funded training and in-school support using a series of specially designed lesson plans which use a range of financial education contexts to address different areas of GCSE maths.


Further information on the project can be found on along with an expression of interest form.