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Year 10 Curriculum - Art

Students follow the AQA GCSE curriculum.

The qualification will begin with an 'Introduction to Skills and Techniques’.  We explore ways to record using a variety of media, materials and processes.  We describe, analyse and interpret artists, craft workers and designers which are relevant to our initial starting points.  This helps students to hone and refine their skills whilst learning about artists who may influence their ideas. Students are encouraged to develop personal ideas through structured exploration and after the autumn term students will select or be given a theme through which they will record and develop ideas leading to a personal outcome.

The course has been designed to allow students to develop knowledge and understanding during the course through a variety of learning experiences and approaches, including engagement with sources. This will allow them to develop the skills to explore, create and communicate their own ideas.

We encourage students to explore two topics in year 10.  One of these projects will continue to year 11 and should work in one or of the following areas • drawing • painting • sculpture • textiles • lens-/light-based media • photography • printmaking • mixed media • they may explore overlapping areas and combinations of areas. 

Student must complete both components.

Component 1: Portfolio

What's assessed?

A portfolio that in total shows explicit coverage of the four assessment objectives. It must include a sustained project evidencing the journey from initial engagement to the realisation of intentions and a selection of further work undertaken during the student’s course of study.

How it's assessed

• No time limit

• 96 marks

• 60% of GCSE

Non-exam assessment (NEA) set and marked by the school/college and moderated by AQA during a visit. Moderation will normally take place in June.

Component 2: Externally set assignment

What's assessed?

Students respond to their chosen starting point from an externally set assignment paper relating to their subject title, evidencing coverage of all four assessment objectives.

How it's assessed

• Preparatory period followed by 10 hours of supervised time

• 96 marks

• 40% of GCSE


St Paul's School for Girls