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Year 12 Curriculum - Business Studies

A Level Business Management

This is a two year linear course with examinations taken in the summer of the second year of study.  The examination board is Eduquas.  Below is a link to their website and also a link to the digital text book provided for this course.

The most helpful and informative website for Business Students is Tutor2U.  It has revision notes, video clips to support your revision and revision quizzes.  The link to the site is:-

General Course Description:

Effective management is vital to the success of business enterprise and a thriving economy. Ever increasing competition, global, social and political issues, together with advances in technology and changing consumer habits all influence today’s business organisations.

The subject content enables students to investigate different types and sizes of organisations in various business sectors and environments.

Students will be expected to become familiar with current issues in business and be able to analyse these using the theory taught. Throughout the course and, in particular, for component 2 students will need to learn and apply numerical decision making models such as investment appraisal, critical path analysis and ratio analysis.

Structure Of Course

All examinations will be taken at the end of Year 13.  

Component 1, which is the course of study for Year 12 will be examined then, together with the additional 2 units studied in Year 13.


Business Management is a very popular degree course or you can specialise in :- Accountancy, Human Resource Management,  Marketing, Logistics, Business With A Language,  Business Law,  Economics and more.   Currently students from the department are studying at Leeds University, Birmingham University, Warwick University, Aston University and Brunel University. Most courses offer the option of a sandwich course involving a paid year in industry organised by the university.

The course also supports those who wish to take up an Apprenticeship in Business Management or Accountancy.

Component 1 - Business Opportunities and Functions 

This component focuses on new business start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises.  The content in this section is based around the concept of starting a new business and the issues that surround the process of planning it.  In addition to covering the main concepts of setting up a new business students should be aware of other types of business organisations and the markets they operate in and their various stakeholders.

Component 1 is assessed by a:-

Two hours and fifteen minutes  written examination  (33 .3 % of qualification)

Section A - compulsory short answer section

Section B - compulsory data response section

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